Project 2.1



2.1 (A)

Color Relativity check list:

  1. Joseph Albers Interaction of Color discussion-  josefalbersinteractionofcolor
  2. Find colors in magazines and/or color samples and cut them into two small squares of 1”x1”.
  3. Find two different colors for the background. Cut them into 3”x3”.
  4. Pasts your 1”x1” squares in the center of each 3”x3” squares to show how the surrounding color is effecting/changing the color in the center. You must make sure that the paper is cut perfectly and pasted neatly. Before gluing these pieces, please assure that you are doing the project correctly. The middle color (even though is the same on two different backgrounds) will appear different when seen against different back ground.
  5. Please repeat these instructions three times to show change in value, change in saturation and change in hue.


2.1 (B)  DIGITAL

It is very similar to the part (a) but in this one you are using two different colors on two different backgrounds to show that they look similar but in reality they will be different colors in the center. In order to show their difference, put them next to each other separately. This part of the project should be done using Graphic app. You will show change in value, change in saturation, change in hue.



Project 1 ORDER reflection

I want you to take this time to write a reflection on what you have learned from project 1.  Please take your time and use some of the language I have talked about when Introducing each topic or subject.

Utilize the topics on Critiquing that I talked about during our first Critique:

Establish your Criteria


Analyze and Interpret the Information

and use Critical Objective and Subjective Criticism.

This should be in three paragraphs and should be posted to your blog.


Leaving Early

A studio Class is set up so that you have the opportunity to work in class so that I can gauge your progress and assist you in completing your projects.  It is not appropriate to leave class while we are in a work session.  Those of you that left class early without my permission will be docked 5 points on their project.  Those of you that stayed will receive 5 extra points.